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What’s your time perspective?

I’ve been reading Philip Zimbardo’s latest book, The Time Paradox. Zimbardo is best known for the Stanford Prison Experiment back in the 1970s, but he’s been doing a lot else since then. In the new book, Zimbardo and co-author/researcher John Boyd use what they call “time perspective”—a person’s attitude toward past, present and future—as a […]

How to write a marketing plan in half an hour

…and by “marketing plan,” I mean whatever big project you’re stalled on because (a) you can’t figure out how to do it and (b) you doubt your ability to do whatever it turns out you’re supposed to be doing. Ask yourself this question: “If I knew how to [insert the thing you’re stumped about] what […]

The power of the split screen

Years ago, when I was making my living mainly from freelance writing, I tried an experiment to help me cope with my brutal internal editor. (The one who was immobilizing me, oh, every third word or so.) I opened a separate window on my computer screen, just for writing down what I was saying to […]