How to juggle multiple projects with more happiness, less stress

Second in a two-part series! Wherein I (a) use a helpful structure to explore how I could get what I need, and at the same time (b) see what it’s like to do things just-enough. I don’t have to be a perfectionist all the time.*

What I want: I’d like to enjoy those Big Projects I’m juggling!, rather than stressing out about them.

Ways this could happen:

• I could allow myself to feel whatever I’m feeling as I start work and continue working.

• When I have the urge to take a break, I could gently ask myself whether I’m giving myself a gift, or running and hiding (or both!), and listen compassionately to the answer.

• I could allow myself breaks way before I get tired or sore or burned out.

• Even if/when my inner editor is cricitizing or worrying, I could allow myself lots of awareness outside of her voice.

• Even if/when my inner editor is worrying, I could let myself enjoy the topic I’m engaging with and the information I’m learning and sharing and working with and transforming so it can be helpful to others.

My commitment: I’ll print out what I just wrote and read it over, every day, this week.

* Here’s the post (Havi’s) that gave rise the comment (mine) that led to this post (here) that-lay-in-the-house-that-Jack-built!


  1. Quotesqueen says:

    Yes, yes, and yes. Mindfulness! Paying attention to what I am feeling–is it avoidance or just a need for a break? I am trying out the Autofocus method, thanks to your mention. So far, so good.

  2. Janet Bailey says:

    @Quotesqueen – Hey, nice to hear some feedback on Autofocus—glad it’s working for you. I’m off and on with it, which may actually turn out to be how I use it best.

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