How to write a blog post, fast (for perfectionists)

Elsewhere* on the interwebs, I’ve been exploring how I might get a blog post up faster than usual this week, even in the midst of juggling other Very Big Projects. It occurred to me that these same explorations might themselves make a good post.

Here are my musings, posted almost verbatim, as an experiment in doing things the just-enough way—stretching my NONperfectionist muscles. Shout-out to Havi, who has turned this structure of asking-for-things (what she calls a Very Personal Ad) into an art form.

What I want: I’d like to write a blog post this week with very little effort and stress. (Leaving lots of energy for the big projects I’m juggling at the same time.)

Ways this could happen:

• I could dash off a really short post, for a change!

• I could get an idea that motivates me to write a post about it immediately!

• I could notice something going on in my life that I realize could be a post topic, and write about it with minimal effort.

• I could look over my list of post ideas and one of them could grab me.

• Someone could suggest a post idea that inspires me to write something, quickly and easily.

• I could notice myself having fun writing a post!

• I could have some insights about someone else’s post and link to it with a few brief comments, giving myself permission to be brief.

My commitment: I’ll print out what I just wrote and read it over, every day, this week.

Coming next: Ways to enjoy (yes, enjoy) all those Very Big Projects I’m juggling.

*Here’s the post (Havi’s) that gave rise the comment (mine) that led to this post (right here) that-lay-in-the-house-that-Jack-built!


  1. These are such great ideas for how to get post ideas, and get a post up quickly and easily. Great for those of us who find days and days go by between posts.

    Thanks for modeling it!

  2. Yes! Yes! YES! Now if I could only remember this — instead of reinventing the wheel each time…Love the use of “that-lay-in-the-house-that-jack-built!” My kinda ending!!!

  3. Good tips. Havi have inspired me too.

  4. I’m in the same boat – too many things that MUST be done. Many of which I should be blogging about but can’t seem to find enough hours in the day. Great ideas – my favorite, “give myself permission to be brief.”

  5. Janet Bailey says:

    @Shannon – You’re welcome. And I owe you one. 😉

    @Karen – Permission not to reinvent the wheel, and thanks for appreciating the ending!

    @Jackson – Thanks for reading!

    @Lee Anne – It’s funny—all those things we’re busy with that we “should” be blogging about. Seems like blogging about them would be helpful, if it weren’t for that pesky “should” that adds to the stress. Working on that, as well as the brevity…

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