More ways to use the yuck-o-meter

This yuck-o-meter is versatile. It estimates time, too! Some yuck-o-meter time estimates in action:

Straighten work area: FIVE BILLION HOURS
Alternate estimate: 1/2 hour
Time it actually took: 2 hours (hm, I’m way ahead of five billion)
Yuck factor: Medium

Check email: ONE HOUR, and I’ll feel guilty about spending time on it
Send 3 particular emails: ONE HOUR, but it would take “other people” less time
Alternate estimate: 1/2 hour for both tasks together
Time it actually took: 2 hours
Yuck factor: Well, I didn’t feel guilty, but I did feel kind of hassled.

Prep for workshop: TWENTY BILLION HOURS total, FIVE HOURS today and it won’t feel like enough
Alternate estimate: 1.5 hours today
Time it actually took: 1.5 hours (but that still leaves twenty billion minus 1.5 hours to go, sigh)
Yuck factor: Tolerable

Alternate estimate: 20 minutes (huh? who was I kidding?)
Time it actually took: 45 minutes
Yuck factor: None. Eating is fun!

Hm, that was a decent day. Thanks, yuck-o-meter!


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  2. Janet Bailey says:

    @Shakti – Thanks! Looking forward to reading your blog.

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