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Ninety minutes of WHAT?

I assisted at a weekend workshop recently. I’m a learning junkie, and part of the fun of assisting is the opportunity to jump into class activities when someone needs a partner for peer coaching. When there’s more than one assistant, you can’t jump in every time. So the assistants agree ahead of time who will […]

Aquarium meditation

  Jellyfish drifting upward, undulating Leafy seadragon’s dorsal fin fluttering, gently, almost imperceptibly Sole covering itself with sand Jellyfish drifting, drifting  

Making breaks inviting

I continue to be puzzled by my reluctance to take breaks, even though working straight through makes my neck pain worse. I’ve been more consistent about setting a chime to go off every 15 to 25 minutes—that’s progress. But I keep ignoring it when it rings. What I’m noticing: I get impatient.  A sense of […]

Inner Demons and Mental Habits

I’ve been buried in a couple of big projects the past few months, developing and/or learning new presentations for tough audiences with rigorous standards. I needed a particularly strong and simple way to deal with the demons that drag me off task and threaten to sink my confidence. Inspired by the book You Are Not […]

The yoga of gardening

When I wrote about being mindful of my need for breaks, I mentioned that responding to my body’s cues while gardening would be a more advanced challenge. I think I’ve found a simple way to manage it. What’s been working pretty well, injury-avoidance-wise, is to pay attention to my body the way I would in […]