What if you didn’t have to struggle so hard with where your time is going?

You’re independent, creative, curious, smart. You have ideas that excite you, dozens of projects to juggle and others you’d love to get to.

But no matter how good your intentions, or how hard you work, you feel like you just can’t get a handle on the whole time thing.

When you look back at your day, you can’t figure out where your time and energy went. You’re frustrated that you don’t have more to show for it.

And when you do have time to spare — you’re between deadlines, or between clients, or an appointment got canceled — you feel like you don’t spend it the way you wanted to.

You’ve tried.  Maybe you’ve read books about time management. Or you’ve tried systems that other people swear by. Some of them work — for a while. But they take so much effort and vigilance that you find yourself going back to the way you used to do things.

It doesn’t have to be like this.  You can feel less stressed…more in control…and in tune with what really matters to you.

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