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Pacing myself, plus aphorism of the day

It’s been an intense two weeks of doing-things-other-than-blogging. I had article deadlines—the assignments were for beloved clients, but the articles were troublesome and energy-draining. I had three presentations to prepare, two of them workshops that I was giving for the first time. Normally I try to schedule things so that I have space between energy-and-anxiety-intensive […]

Transitions and the art of not maximizing every moment

I spent part of last weekend at a workshop led by the wonderful Jane Pollak and Brad Isaacs. With my to-do list starting to feel overwhelming, the event was well-timed—I needed to step away and get perspective. Yes! There were shifts. (Having to do with gently meeting my demons rather than running scared from them.) […]

Challenging the productivity police

It’s a link post! Today I point you to some bloggers who are fighting the good fight, railing against the pressure to cram more, more, more into our days. At Tools for Thought, Andre Kibbe spells out why a relentless focus on the sacred cows of productivity and efficiency is the opposite of helpful when […]

The downside of my noble pastime, reading

Leo Babauta’s post on mindfulness and single-tasking got me thinking about the ways I multi-task. I’m not one of those rudesbies who talks on the phone while answering email, nooo. How I multi-task is by reading. While eating, and waiting. But reading is a good thing! Fuels the imagination, creates empathy, promotes critical thinking. And […]