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The dreaded backlogged project–now less overwhelming!

I’m big on gentle accountability. So I’m a fan of Cairene Macdonald’s monthly Bite the Candy sessions. You spend the morning working on a backlogged project, with moral support (via phone check-ins) from Cairene and your fellow project-doers before and during your work session, and celebration after. My project for last week’s Bite the Candy […]

The new to-do list, and breaking the rules

OK, enough writer’s angst. Today, back to the to-do list! Specifically, Mark Forster’s take on it, called Autofocus. I’ve referred to Autofocus a few times not because it’s the be-all and end-all of time management tools (no such thing—you gotta do what works for you), but because it’s so different from what’s out there. It […]

Calling Out the Inner Doomsayer

In writing about how to sneak up on the first draft, I dropped in a mention of my inner doomsayer. (The context was that the inner doomsayer pays less attention to casual lists than to Official Drafts.) I was struck by the term even as I wrote it—not inner critic or inner editor, but Doomsayer! […]