Why Mindful Time Management?

OK, let’s admit right off that “time management” is a misnomer. We human beings can’t get our arms around the concept of time, much less get it to do what we want! But “time management” is the term people use most often for ideas like finding focus, seeking balance, dealing with procrastination, choosing priorities—whatever makes us happier about how we’re spending the precious time we have. So I use it here.

Mindful time management is an alternative approach to the judgment and self-recrimination and linear focus that too often accompany discussions about time. The word “mindful” brings with it a sense of the spaciousness, awareness and acceptance that make change possible. Not the “Get your butt off the sofa” approach, but “What would create greater wholeness, satisfaction?”

Webster’s defines “mindful” as aware, attentive, thoughtful — qualities that help us learn from observing our behavior. In meditation, “mindfulness” refers to clear perception and nonjudgmental attention to the present moment. I think of it as an ongoing process of being fully present with life, as much of the time as possible.

These are some of the ideas I’m exploring in the blog. What does mindful time management mean to you? Visit, read, comment if you’re so inclined!

About Janet

For years, I’ve been studying what the experts — both popular and academic — have to say about time management and self-management. I’m familiar with the standard techniques…and where the gaps are.

I’ve had my own creative business since 1988. I’ve written for Health, Glamour, Chief Executive, Travel & Leisure, and other magazines. I’ve led seminars throughout the U.S. and U.K. on writing, goal-setting, conflict resolution, and classic time management.  Before starting my business, I worked in arts administration and PR as well as the publishing world.

In other words…I’ve set ambitious goals and reached them. I’ve also struggled with procrastination and writer’s block. I know what it’s like to try to balance the craving for freedom with the structure needed to meet deadlines and goals.

As a coach and workshop leader, I work with designers, writers, social service providers, coaches, consultants and others who value independence and creative thinking. I help them find greater focus, clarity, movement, balance — personally, professionally and creatively.

Centering practices, like meditation and yoga, help me re-connect with what matters.

I’m practical. I’m fascinated by the philosophical issues around time — but also, my files and calendar are in order. (I’m not compulsive about this, but I can find what I need when I need it.) That means that if you want to know how to make a more effective to-do list, or how to come up with a filing system that works for you, I can help you with that too.

I’m trained through the Coaches Training Institute, one of the country’s leading schools of coaching.

I also have a corporate speaking and training business (you can find out more about that at www.janetbailey.com.)

Some personal tidbits: I love riding my bike and hanging out with my nieces. I’ve been a jazz vocalist (I didn’t make a living at it, but I did break even on at least one gig!). I play a mean game of Scrabble. I wrote a book on San Francisco Trivia. I grow used to grow my own blueberries.

My favorite chocolate makers are See’s, Christopher Elbow, Charles and Theo.