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A simple solution for meltdown

Often when I travel, it’s to give speeches and workshops. Last week, I was in the audience for a change, attending a conference by speakers for speakers. I like going to conferences—the stimulation, the connection. But it’s also exhausting and draining. All those ideas crammed into my head for days in a row. All that […]

Letting go of the garden

After years (seriously, years) of thinking I would somehow get to like gardening, I finally gave up my community garden plot. I made the decision on one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever experienced in the garden. It was foggy yet a little warm, with a misty beginning-of-the-world feeling, birdsong stirring the stillness. Ah, […]

Say the obvious thing: Life lessons from improv

I attended my first improvisational theater workshop last week. Improv is all about staying present and quieting the inner doomsayer and playing with what shows up in each moment, even when it isn’t what you planned. Improv is the opposite of planning. That’s helpful for an uber-planner like me. Some useful life skills I got […]

What it takes to take a break

I spent a week away from the keyboard last month, and my neck and shoulders eased up a lot. But now I’m back to my bad old ways—I’m not taking enough breaks. My bodyworker, Roy—who got me to exhale to such good effect last summer—recommends roll-away breaks every half hour or so.  Roll chair back […]

A simple question to lower your stress

I’ve been putting more energy than I would like to into fretting over other people’s behavior lately. I was talking to my friend T. about this—telling him about some recent conflicts with people who are peripheral to my life but whom I nevertheless have some unavoidable contact with, and whose actions and methods have been […]