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What my back has to say about time management

My back and neck give me hints when it’s time to take a break. A lot of the time, I don’t listen. I’m quick to take a (long, long) break when I’m creatively stuck. But when my body needs a breather, I keep pushing. It puzzles me, how I won’t pause and rest when I’m […]

Creative blocks: How to change the game

When I get stuck on a creative project—any project, really—it’s often because my emotions are shouting so loudly that I mistake them for objective reality. “It FEELS like this writing assignment is impossible, therefore it IS impossible. I FEEL uncertain about how to design this workshop, therefore I will fail. I FEEL frustrated because I […]

Bringing vacation home

One of the best things about vacation is that I get to structure my day the way I’d like to structure it at home—while free of the temptations and distractions and longstanding habits that, at home, get in the way of that ideal structure. I’m recently back from a mini-vacation in Western Sonoma County. Ahhhh—a […]

Slowing down for the new year

I like the quiet slow week that eases me from Christmas into New Year’s. I spent a day and a half in Sebastopol, one of my favorite places. It’s an environment conducive to slowing down—to the degree that I found myself doing things like setting my wallet on the bakery counter and then wandering away. […]

Calling Out the Inner Doomsayer

In writing about how to sneak up on the first draft, I dropped in a mention of my inner doomsayer. (The context was that the inner doomsayer pays less attention to casual lists than to Official Drafts.) I was struck by the term even as I wrote it—not inner critic or inner editor, but Doomsayer! […]