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A way to embrace uncertainty

I spent the weekend at the annual Wisdom 2.0 Conference, which looks at the role of mindfulness in the digital age. One of the most powerful sessions I attended was a breakout on discomfort as a path to innovation. Facilitator J. Miakoda Taylor had us each identify an issue at the edge of our comfort […]

More ways to use the yuck-o-meter

This yuck-o-meter is versatile. It estimates time, too! Some yuck-o-meter time estimates in action: •Straighten work area: FIVE BILLION HOURS Alternate estimate: 1/2 hour Time it actually took: 2 hours (hm, I’m way ahead of five billion) Yuck factor: Medium •Check email: ONE HOUR, and I’ll feel guilty about spending time on it •Send 3 […]

Staying focused: The anti-Pomodoro technique

Kitchen timers are the latest time-management trend. Fans of the Pomodoro Technique say to set the timer for 25 minutes, work with total focus, then take a five-minute break. I like the idea, and I’ve tried variations on the timer technique. But when I’m on deadline, a timer adds to the stress, plus I chafe […]

How to juggle multiple projects with more happiness, less stress

Second in a two-part series! Wherein I (a) use a helpful structure to explore how I could get what I need, and at the same time (b) see what it’s like to do things just-enough. I don’t have to be a perfectionist all the time.* What I want: I’d like to enjoy those Big Projects […]

How to write a blog post, fast (for perfectionists)

Elsewhere* on the interwebs, I’ve been exploring how I might get a blog post up faster than usual this week, even in the midst of juggling other Very Big Projects. It occurred to me that these same explorations might themselves make a good post. Here are my musings, posted almost verbatim, as an experiment in […]