Coaching With Janet

Here are some of the themes you might find us working with during coaching sessions:

Honor your natural style. No more squeezing yourself into someone else’s time-management model—it’s exhausting and squashes your creative drive. You’ll play with ideas and techniques that feel right for you…so you’ll keep on using them.

Notice, non-judgmentally. No more guilt. We bring friendly curiosity and awareness to questions like, what’s working? What’s working less well? What’s in the way? When you stop beating yourself up and start paying attention to what’s going on, ingenious solutions reveal themselves. You get more information about what’s important to you, so you can act on it. You get more done on what you want to get done, and spend less time on what you want less of.

Create structure. The right amount for you. Not rigid or constricting, but helpful. It’s like with baking—if you tried to bake cake without a pan, you’d wind up with batter all over the place. Together we find the right pan… whether that’s mini-steps, interim deadlines, accountability buddies, or rituals and routines that support you, in the way you like to be supported.

Savor. Even when things are going crazy all around you, you can find spaces to pause and rest. To breathe…gain perspective…and relish the richness of your life, moment to moment.

You gain benefits like these:

  • You finally make progress on goals you’ve been postponing.
  • You gain clarity and confidence.
  • You have more energy for your work, your creativity, your whole life.
  • You have reliable sources of support that keep you motivated and on track.
  • You take guilt-free breaks and vacations that refresh you.
  • You make time for family and friends. And instead of feeling distracted, you enjoy the time you spend with them.


Ready to get started? Have questions? Call or email me. We’ll set up a 20-minute conversation — no charge — to find out if this is right for you.